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OSHA Construction Safety Outreach 10 Hour Course by The Builders Group (TBG)
This 2 day course is offered six times in 2021. TBG is offering special rates to 3 MSA members for each session. Please CLICK HERE for details.
This class will provide an in depth look at compliance and safety issues related to the OSHA training curriculum set forth for the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety class. Topics to include Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, Excavation Safety, Hand/Power Tools & several more topics necessary to complete the course objectives.


April 20: Employers Liability: Including Safety and OSHA Considerations by MMA
We will discuss how Covid-19 claims may trigger your Workers’ Compensation Part B Coverage: Employers’ Liability.
This coverage is triggered when negligence lawsuits are filed in regard to work-related injuries and occupational diseases. An employer’s policies/practices or lack thereof may create this coverage to be triggered.


May 6: Construction Cyber Risks by MMA
This session focused on cost-effective cyber security best practices for the Construction industry.


May 26, 9amThe Silent Epidemic: Mental Health in Construction by MMA
We will discuss making the case for addressing Mental Health in Construction and providing the Tools/Resources to raise awareness and provide assistance to your employees.



Diving into CMMC requirements with Wipfli

Contractors, and subcontractors, who conduct business with the DoD will soon need to obtain CMMC certification in order to be eligible for contract award. The process to obtain certification can be challenging and many businesses who find themselves far removed from their products’ end usage may not realize that CMMC certification may also apply to them.

The CMMC framework raises questions for many, which is why Wipfli has produced numerous articles that break down critical aspects of the CMMC. Wipfli is certified as a Registered Provider Organization with deep expertise in the CMMC framework.

Still have questions? Contact Wipfli for help with this process.

Covid-19 Briefing Paper: A Look Ahead - This Briefing Paper discusses any legal relief that might be available should additional shutdowns occur in the coming months, the best practices to follow if shutdowns occur, and whether employees can be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine if and when it becomes available to the general public.

Other information from sources that benefit our industry:

1/07/2021 What's in the new COVID-19 relief package for contractors?

Duty to Defend Article by KA Insurance

MNOSHA Compliance: Construction Seminars - Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) Compliance's free Construction Seminars feature a presentation about a specific construction safety or health topic – with time for questions, answers and input – plus an update from MNOSHA Compliance about what's currently happening regarding investigations.