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March 5 - How are businesses in the construction sector feeling about the current economy and the near future?
Our Regional Outreach team recently surveyed construction firms across the Ninth District to better understand how they are faring in the current economy and what they see in the immediate future. Join Ron Wirtz, Regional Outreach director, for a live webinar to discuss the latest results from a February survey of construction firms, and learn where and whom the pandemic is still hitting hard.
OSHA Construction Safety Outreach 10 Hour Course by The Builders Group (TBG)
This 2 day course is offered six times in 2021. TBG is offering special rates to 3 MSA members for each session. Please CLICK HERE for details.
This class will provide an in depth look at compliance and safety issues related to the OSHA training curriculum set forth for the OSHA 10 Hour Construction Safety class. Topics to include Fall Protection, Electrical Safety, Excavation Safety, Hand/Power Tools & several more topics necessary to complete the course objectives.

March 10 - Designing Precast Parking Structures & Maintenance Schedules by Wells Concrete
Parking structures have changed a lot over the past decade. Today's parking structures must be sustainable, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and have more stringent aesthetic requirements. This presentation will explain what a high-performance parking structure is, as well as how working with your precaster to develop maintenance plans will significantly increase the life span of the structure along with mitigating large expenditures for repairs throughout the life of the structure.


March 17 - Sealants Solutions 101 by Wells Concrete
Sealant solutions provides simple precautionary measures to ensure that buildings are sealed and long lasting. This presentation will explain the importance of sealing nearly any horizontal or vertical surface including parking lots, driveways, commercial floors, precast joints, CMU joints, and dissimilar material joints. The presentation will explain how successful joint sealing requires meticulous design, precise sealant selection for your specific application, and painstaking application.

Covid-19 Briefing Paper: A Look Ahead - This Briefing Paper discusses any legal relief that might be available should additional shutdowns occur in the coming months, the best practices to follow if shutdowns occur, and whether employees can be required to take a COVID-19 vaccine if and when it becomes available to the general public.

Ilume - A podcast for bright minds on risk brought to you by Kraus-Anderson Insurance.  Listen and learn about important strategic business risks in straight forward, light-hearted conversations with industry experts and insight leaders.  We are excited to kick-off Ilume with some great discussions on employee engagement, business innovation, and an executive level look at the 2021 outlook for the insurance industry.

From underwriter to Entrepreneur - Embedding risk evaluation in everyday decision making. The two most important ways for a small business owner to invest time are culture and risk.  


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MNOSHA Compliance: Construction Seminars - Minnesota OSHA (MNOSHA) Compliance's free Construction Seminars feature a presentation about a specific construction safety or health topic – with time for questions, answers and input – plus an update from MNOSHA Compliance about what's currently happening regarding investigations.