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The Minnesota Subcontractors Association stands behind our core values of hard work, promoting fairness, member engagement, and increasing awareness through advocacy.

MSA is at the State Capitol every day of session advocating to make the industry better for all subcontractors. Below is a summary of what MSA has accomplished for subcontractors in the last several years:

  • Indemnification reform (2013)
  • Limiting retainage to 5% (2016). What the New 2016 Retainage Law Means to Subcontractors. CLICK HERE  for update.
  • Establishing retainage payment dates & greater transparency on public and private projects (2019). CLICK HERE  for update.
  • In 2022, we will work to advance our Duty to Defend Bill  and stop unfair risk transfer in construction contracts. There are 22 associations/trade unions supporting this bill.

Overview of the 2021 Legislative Session

February 2021 Report